COVID-19 highlights the need for regulatory reform

The Institute is focused on protecting industry jobs for members and enabling the industry to get on with projects and has is sought a range of regulatory reforms during this COVID-19 situation.

We have been working with the State Government on a number of fronts seeking to avoid negative impacts from delays or other matters arising from COVID-19, or the legislative responses to it.

Submissions and engagement have been undertaken regarding sales contract legislation, residential parks, retirement villages, and rental and commercial leases legislation to avoid serious consequences.

The Institute has also proactively sought action from the State Government on specific legislation to free up industry action during this time. Reform options put forward include:

  • enabling deferral of payment of Infrastructure Charges until the time of settlement of properties
  • enabling easier easements for infrastructure
  • numerous improvements to development, planning, and environmental arrangements.

So far, substantial improvements have been achieved in rental and commercial leases to reduce the potential negative effects of the initial propositions, and in residential parks, and retirement villages proposals. The Institute will continue to advocate on behalf of members for reform for job creation at this time and for the longer term enhancements to the operating framework for UDIA members. If you have specific areas where you think reform should be undertaken we would be happy to hear from you and include this in our advocacy.

If you have any feedback, please contact Policy Manager, Martin Zaltron on (07) 3229 1589 or via email below.

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