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Gain unparalleled access to top developers and industry titans — the masterminds behind our region’s most iconic projects. The Develop Masterclass Series offers a comprehensive learning experience designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and connections you need to succeed in the competitive world of property development.


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Session 1: 28 May
Session 2: 19 June
Session 3: July
Session 4: August
Session 5: 11 September
Session 6: 23 October


Start: 8:00am
Finish: 2:00pm


UDIA Queensland Boardroom
12/120 Edward Street, Brisbane


Individual Session Member: $1,000 + GST
Full Series Member: $4,500 +GST

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About the course

Unlock elite insights and invest in your success with UDIA Queensland’s premier professional development series. Over six curated sessions, gain unprecedented access to industry titans and master every aspect of property development with real-world case studies and exclusive networking opportunities.

A comprehensive curriculum

From securing the right site to project delivery and beyond, our series covers the entire development process from start to finish. Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive at every stage of your project.

Learn from the best

Our master developers have earned their stripes through years of hard work and dedication. Benefit from their wealth of experience, lessons learned, and proven strategies for success in the property development industry.

Exclusive networking opportunities

Expand your professional network and forge valuable connections with like-minded peers and industry leaders. Join us for networking sessions following the formalities and build relationships that last a lifetime.

Real-world insights, real-time impact

Stay ahead of the curve with live case studies and real-time insights from projects currently in development or recently completed. Learn from practical examples and hear proven strategies you can immediately apply to your projects.


Peter Sherrie General Manager (Urbex) BMD Group
Tim Forrester Founder and Managing Director ARIA Property Group
Paul David Business Development Manager Hutchinsons Builders
Carly Cottam Founder & CEO Motiv


What's covered?

28 May

Project Concept and Design with Tim Forrester

Join Tim Forrester to explore what it takes to nail your project concept and design. Through engaging discussions on stakeholder consultation, community engagement, regulatory frameworks, and the creation of captivating spaces, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the crucial elements that shape successful developments.
19 June
Peter Sherrie

Feasibility and Finance with Peter Sherrie

Join Peter Sherrie to explore the complexities of project feasibility and finance. From evaluating site viability to exploring financing options and conducting thorough due diligence, this session equips participants with the tools to make informed decisions and mitigate risks effectively.

Securing the right site

Join us to discover what it takes to secure the perfect development site. Through a detailed exploration of market research, buyer demographics, and urban design principles, participants will gain invaluable insights into identifying and capitalising on prime development opportunities.

The Planning Process and Working with Utility Providers

Navigate the planning process, and gain invaluable insights into planning appeals, regulatory compliance, and collaborative strategies with councils and utility providers. Discover the key to achieving mutually beneficial outcomes and overcoming regulatory hurdles in property development.
11 September

Project Delivery and the Built Form with Paul David

Step into the world of project delivery and built form with Paul David. From construction procurement to project management techniques, this session offers practical wisdom and strategic approaches to navigate the complexities of bringing development projects to fruition and ensuring their success.
23 October
Carly Cottam

Sales and Marketing, and Project Operation with Carly Cottam

Join Carly Cottam for an exploration of the final stages of property development, focusing on sales, marketing, and project operation. Gain insights into effective marketing strategies, branding, and operational considerations to maximize the value and success of development projects.

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Flexible learning, tailored to your schedule — We understand the demands of your role. That’s why our series offers ultimate flexibility. Choose to attend individual modules or opt for the entire program, carefully spaced throughout the year to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.


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