Council response to COVID-19

Local governments have responded to the COVID-19 situation with a range of measures. We have included links below to what councils have done so far to get themselves organised in the face of this crisis.

We wrote to councils early in the piece, seeking a pivot towards efforts such as concentration on plan sealing and on and off maintenance to keep projects moving and cash and employment flowing in development companies. We also recommended that they prepare for potential resource deficiencies, offer a new home builders grant to boost local employment, and defer infrastructure charges payment until the sale and settlement of land. Some responses have been received on these matters and significant work is ongoing in encouraging more industry assistive responses.

In addition to writing to councils, we also conducted telephone surveys with Planning Directors across the State to gain a sense of how they are currently placed to continue service delivery. The results of those surveys were shared with members via a Policy Alert and are on our website.

A number of councils have in mind further measures that may follow now the council elections are over and the results are being finalised. We hope to see elements of our Project Bounce Back: Industry Action Plan incorporated into their future measures.


Useful links

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