Correction to Branch Alert on Infrastructure Charges

Update: Correction made in response to council comments.

The Sunshine Coast Council announced Infrastructure Charges applicable to Material Change of Use developments can be assisted through a staged payment process up to three years. This will be complemented with the initial payment being deferred between 6-9 months (interest free). A reduced interest rate will also run over the life of the staged payment period.

The branch supports this action and is working with them to expand the scheme. This follows on from our letter to council seeking collaboration and development of initiatives to keep the industry moving. Members are strongly encouraged to contact council’s relevant officers on any further questions.

In addition, council has also made immediate changes to its business services to respond to COVID-19, including arranging the necessary facilities to allow council officers to work from home.

Other council announcements include:

  • All new applications to be lodged online or via email 
  • All correspondence for current applications to be submitted via email 
  • All pre-lodgement meetings and development advice requests to be undertaken via – phone, email or Microsoft Teams meetings
  • Appointments will need to be made for lodging survey plans for endorsement via a new online form on their website
  • All meetings associated with current application will be conducted by Microsoft Teams meetings or conference calls
  • All inspections of works will be conducted by council staff complying with Federal and State requirements for social distancing.

We appreciate council’s efforts to ensure continuity of services. We will monitor the situation and continue a dialogue to assess if these measures are meeting industry needs.

The Institute wrote to council urging them to maintain services to the construction and development industry and maintain continuity in providing advice, approvals, and permits. We highlighted the importance of plan sealing and bonding applications noting their significance in any given development project.