Bundaberg Branch leads incentive discussion

Bundaberg Branch President Nathan Freeman and committee members have been proactively engaging council to develop an incentive strategy for development in the region.

Currently, the Bundaberg Regional Council does not have an incentive strategy. This has prompted the committee to work with council on introducing a new strategy aimed at encouraging local and regional economic development, increase development and construction activity, and capitalise opportunities to reinvigorate underutilised areas.

The Institute’s Bundaberg Branch submission has suggested that council considers:

  • Deferred or Delayed Infrastructure Payment Framework
  • $5,000 Housing Construction Grant for the first 100 homes
  • 100% discount on Infrastructure Charges in the CBDs or Bundaberg, Bargara, Childers, and Gin Gin (for key employment generating industries)
  • 50% discount on development in the Commercial or Industrial zones
  • that generates a high volume of employment and activity
  • Façade and Storefront Improvement Grant

The submission also highlights that when development activity is low, significant consequences are felt across the local economy in terms of employment, housing affordability, and confidence in the market.

It is important that Bundaberg remains competitive against neighbouring regional councils and proactively attracts business and investment to the region to support jobs and economic growth. The branch firmly believes this is one way to ensure Bundaberg remains open for business.

The branch’s committee will be discussing this in greater detail with council in early February.

Any questions, please contact Policy Executive, Robert Tily.