Branch advocacy saves assessment costs

The Bundaberg Branch has been successful in advocating against the introduction of an expanded local heritage assessment trigger.

Amendment 5 originally intended to require proposed developments adjoining to an existing local heritage to undertake full council code assessments.  It would have required many more applications and future building work and material change of use applications to be assessed against the relevant heritage overlay code.

The Institute’s Bundaberg Branch wrote to council and raised concerns that potential homebuyers would be required to undergo a formal application to council, engaging consultants and/or designers to ensure the dwelling house does not offend the existing character and heritage, costing an additional $7,000-$9,000 (in total with council fees).

As a result of the branch’s work, council has decided not to adopt this specific amendment.

This advocacy is a testament to the work of the Bundaberg Branch committee.  In particular, the Institute would like to thank and acknowledge the direct contribution and involvement made by branch committee member David Job, from Certcorp . The Institute also thanks council for acknowledging the concerns raised and making the changes accordingly.

View council’s response here. 

Any questions, please contact Policy Executive, Robert Tily.