Who our CEO met with in August.

5 August 2020, QBM Virtual Boardroom Lunch: Co-hosted by Institute members BDO and the Courier Mail, I participated in a virtual lunch. It was a privilege to share how industry is adapting to the current environment, as well as hearing about the experience of other key figures in the property and construction industry.

5 August 2020, Koala Advisory Council Meeting: I attended a Koala Advisory Council meeting. The Advisory Council was formed to provide advice on the development and implementation of a new koala conservation strategy in Queensland.

10 August 2020, Economics and Governance Committee hearing: Following the Institute’s earlier submission to the committee’s inquiry into the Queensland Government’s economic response to COVID-19, I was given the opportunity to appear at a public hearing. Although much work has been done to support our industry through the State’s Unite and Recover stimulus program, a suite of measures is required to kickstart recovery, particularly in areas that are not supported by HomeBuilder.

10 August 2020, Reserve Bank of Australia debrief: I attended a debrief on the RBA’s August Statement on Monetary Policy. Presented by Assistant Governor Luci Ellis. The presentation further confirmed that although our state is faring better than our southern cousins, consumer sentiment continues to be of concern as we stare down the barrel of the end of the September quarter.

12 August 2020, meeting with member: I caught up with Lisa Nixon of BBS. It is incredibly valuable for me to understand the obstacles faced by our members, both through the peak of the health crisis and as we enter the economic downturn but I am also inspired by stories of resilience and innovation that continue to shine through.

13 August 2020, meeting with Greg Vann: I met with Greg Vann of Ethos Urban. Greg is a key figure in our industry and I always appreciate the chance to understand Greg’s perspective on the issues faced by property developers, particularly the really prickly problems like land supply!

19 August 2020, meeting with Beth Toon: I met with Place Design Group CEO and Institute Board Member, Beth Toon. I am so grateful for all of the Institute’s volunteers, particularly our Board members, for they way they have provided insight and assistance to weather the storm during COVID, despite the pressures of also captaining their own organisations through these uncharted waters. Recently appointed to the Board at the April AGM, Beth is a valued voice.

19 August 2020, presentation with PEXA: I provided Institute member PEXA with an update on what we’ve been up to as well as an outlook on what the rest of 2020 likely holds in store for the industry. As an Institute Partner, PEXA has been a stalwart supporter and I really appreciated the chance to provide an update on the work their support has enabled.

19 August 2020, Bundaberg Regional Council Consultation Day: Along with Branch President, Nathan Freeman and Anna Cox (Policy Director) I met virtually with Bundaberg Mayor, Cr Jack Dempsey. Bundaberg Regional Council has been a member of the Institute for many years and I appreciated the council’s willingness to include us in the consultation day.

25 August 2020, meeting with Treasury: I met with representatives of Treasury to discuss the Infrastructure Industry Steering Committee. Refreshed in the wake of COVID-19, the committee brings together leading figures across the infrastructure and property sectors alongside senior government representatives.

26 August 2020, meeting with member: I met with member AsheMorgan and toured the Midtown building. Located right next door to the Institute’s offices, it was great to have a stickybeak at what our members (and neighbours) have been up to over the past twelve months.

28 August 2020, meeting with Richard Ferrett, Brisbane City Council: I met with Mr Ferrett, of the Lord Mayor’s Office. I meet regularly with him to discuss how we can work with council to create a better Brisbane.

28 August 2020, meeting with Office of the Independent Assessor: As the property development industry continues to come to grips with the changing legislation guiding interactions with elected officials, along with representatives of the Property Council of Australia, I met with the Independent Assessor to discuss conflicts of interest involved in meeting with councillors.