April CEO’s diary

1 April 2020, meeting with Ipswich City Council, Urban Utilities, and Economic Development Queensland: Using videoconferencing, I met with representatives to discuss some of the challenges being faced by members within the Ripley Valley PDA. The Institute has been meeting with various stakeholders on this issue since last year, and we appreciate the willingness of the government and utilities to engage on this important issue.


7 April 2020, meeting with James Ruprai, Sunshine Coast Regional Council: I spoke with James as part of a series of meetings with Planning Directors across the State. The purpose of the meeting was to understand how councils’ planning groups are transitioning work arrangements through the immediate COVID-19 crisis and how the recovery phase will be planned.

7 April 2020, update with Regional Branch Committee members: Using teleconferencing, I met with members of our branch and sub committees from across the State, and outlined the Institute’s Project Bounce Back: Industry Action Plan. The plan sets out actions government and utility providers can take now, and in the medium term, to help our industry keep Queenslanders in jobs now and be poised to hit the ground running when the crisis eases.


7 April 2020, meeting with Dyan Currie and Marcus Mulholland, Brisbane City Council: I spoke with Dyan Currie and Marcus Mulholland as part of our series of meetings with Planning Directors. As we face this unprecedented crisis, it is imperative that industry and government work together to ensure we can keep the property industry moving forward.


7 April 2020, update with Policy Committee Members: following on from my briefing to the Branch Committees, I also met with members of our Policy Committees. The current crisis is impacting every area of our industry, with both members and governments grappling with unprecedented challenges. The stories of what are members are facing on the ground will become an invaluable tool as we communicate the industry’s experience of the crisis.


8 April 2020, meeting with Peter Tabulo, Ipswich City Council: continuing with the series of meetings with Planning Directors, I spoke with Peter Tabulo. It was invaluable for me to speak with Peter and I am extremely appreciative he took time out of his very busy day to brief me on Ipswich’s approach to the unfolding crisis and plans to support a recovery.


8 April 2020, Industry Advisory Group Meeting: As one of the Institute’s policy committees, its purpose is to advance intergovernmental communication and collaboration on issues that impact the development industry. Members include representatives from several government departments, local councils, and utility providers. Our meeting focused on the current COVID-19 crisis and further crystallising the Project Bounce Back: Industry Action Plan we produced.


9 April 2020, COVID-19 Financial Survival Guide webinar: I participated in our inaugural webinar, providing a survival guide tailored for our industry. It has been inspiring to see so many businesses move swiftly to change up their “Situation Normal”. It has been a privilege to witness the Institute’s team also rise to the challenge and thrive under difficult circumstances.


9 April 2020, meeting with Brook Monahan, Mosaic Property Group: I interviewed Brook to understand how his business is approaching the current crisis and is gearing up to hit the ground running during the recovery phase. Keep an eye out for an upcoming blog post via my LinkedIn or join our Webinar on April 21 to hear from Mosaic Property Group as well as Siera Group and Stockland.


15 April 2020, Koala Advisory Council meeting: I attended a Koala Advisory Council meeting. The Advisory Council was formed to provide advice on the development and implementation of a new koala conservation strategy in Queensland.


16 April 2020, Planning System Reference Group meeting: Chaired by the Deputy Director-General of Planning, the Reference Group includes representatives from several stakeholder groups. The purpose of the Group is to act as a sounding board for potential changes to policy and process as well as providing feedback from our members.