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Heads Up: Gold Coast's Missing Middle

Join us for this unique opportunity to hear directly from representatives from the Office of the Government Architect, as well as those from Gold Coast City Council regarding the QDesign Strategy and how it will address the Coast's "Missing Middle" product.

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Heads Up: Cairns Banking and Valuations

This is your chance to hear from those in the know about the finance, banking and valuation aspects of the development industry, and how they see the future for Cairns and regional North Queensland.

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Heads Up Toowoomba Project Bank Accounts

This is your opportunity to learn more about the Queensland Government's new project bank accounts model, which will require a set of three bank accounts, operating as a trust, to guarantee subcontractor payments.

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Jobs and Housing Trends

Join us to hear Urbis present the latest research on the correlation between where jobs are being created and where we are delivering new housing.

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Inside Development 2019

Inside Development is a professional development course for our members working in local and State government or within utility providers.

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Heads Up: Brisbane Migration

This is your chance to gain an insight into the key demographic trends and data relating to interstate migration. Learn more about who is making the move to Queensland, what their settlement patterns are, and what their common interests are.

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Heads Up: The QDesign Initiative

Here's your opportunity to hear from the Queensland Government and the Fraser Coast Regional Council about the implications of the Q Design Initiative on future development in the region.

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