Spotlight On: Jobs in the 'hood

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      8:00AM - 10:00AM
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      Thu 30 Aug 2018
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      UDIA Queensland, Level 12, 120 Edward St
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  • Spotlight On: Jobs in the 'hood

Our research shows that homebuyers love to live and work locally. We also know that local employment options are an important part of delivering vibrant communities.

At Spotlight On: Jobs in the ‘hood, we’re delving into the integration of jobs within infill and greenfield developments.

On September 4, Dy Currie from Brisbane City Council, will talk us through local government strategies to maximise local employment options.

Paul Riga from Urbis, will talk to you about the economic, planning, and social benefits of local employment. 

Get your head around the challenges, opportunities, and strategies for getting the mix and location of your next development right!

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Dy Currie

Chief Planner, City Planning & Economic Development, Brisbane City Council

Paul Riga

Director, Urbis


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