Vale Alan Fogg

Queensland recently lost a distinguished and highly respected planning lawyer and teacher with the passing of Professor Emeritus Alan Fogg.

Alan had a huge intellect, prodigious work ethic and legal scholarship. Those who practice in the professions of planning lawyers and town planners owe Alan Fogg a great debt of gratitude.

Having commenced the authoritative Planning & Development Queensland service, Alan also provided important work for the Institute including in submissions and advice for the Crime and Misconduct Commission.

Alan’s erudition was a highlight, describing Code assessment at one time as:

The Serbonian bog was an ancient Egyptian defence line. Attackers were enticed into advancing into it, whereupon entire armies were comprehensively swallowed. Code assessment has become the modern Serbonian bog of planning which impartially swallows development control officers and the applicant’s consultants. It also swallows time and money, and causes delays which add to the cost of projects to the end user.

Perhaps little has changed except for Alan’s sorrowful loss.