Council plan to stimulate local economy

Moreton Bay Regional Council will be introducing planning and economic recovery initiatives aimed at further supporting and boosting the local property industry.

Subject to industry consultation, these initiatives will include:

  • Material change of uses, and reconfiguring a lot involving
    • subdivision resulting in not more than 5 lots
    • multiple dwelling or accommodation building with not more than 5 units
    • industrial, retail or commercial use with not more than 500m2 of gross floor area
  • Carrying out operational works involving pontoons and advertising devices
  • Review and update of internal referral and information request requirements to improve efficiency of the assessment process
  • A suite of standard infrastructure agreements and environmental offset agreements as well as updates to the suite of standard conditions of approval to improve post-approval compliance processes
  • Recruitment of additional resources focussed on assessing operational works and inspecting works under construction
    Continuing the fast-tracking (5 business days) of survey plan endorsement and operational works assessment under the MB+ accreditation framework.

Council will also investigate further opportunities that will assist the local property industry in delivering development and supporting more jobs in the region. These are subject to industry consultation:

  • A framework for council’s involvement in investment attraction to contribute to economic and social benefits of Moreton Bay
  • Discounting of rates for completed stock and development land holdings
  • 6 month deferment of infrastructure charges for multiple dwellings and dual occupancies subject to appropriate surety, including eligible insurance bonds and parent company guarantees
  • Staged payment over 5 years of infrastructure charges for industrial uses, short term accommodation, and major sport, recreation and entertainment facilities (convention centres) within the priority infrastructure area
  • Automatic 2-year extension of time for eligible existing development approvals
  • Expand the fast track work for plumbing and drainage work to include Class 1a dwelling units as part of a community titles scheme, multiple dwelling development, relocatable home park, residential care facility, retirement facility or tourist park
  • On an application-by-application basis, a fair and equitable approach to infrastructure charging and conditioning in major greenfield areas of Caboolture West, Morayfield South and Pine Valley.

The Institute’s Moreton Bay branch and its President Keith Cairns have been working with council outlining which initiatives will have the biggest impact and best deliver economic recovery returns in response to COVID-19.

In late August, the Moreton Bay branch submitted their response to council’s draft Regional Economic Strategy highlighting that the property development industry needed to be better recognised for the role it could have in the region’s economic recovery. This submission can be viewed here.

If you have any questions, please contact the branch via email.

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