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SEQ: Koala assessment case studies in the hot seat

The Institute recently met with representatives of the Department of Environmental and Science and the planning group. Following that meeting the Institute has drawn together a range of case studies of situations being experienced in development applications made relevant to...

Ripley Valley concerns

The Institute is progressing support to resolve development issues in the Ripley Valley Priority Development Area. While Ripley Valley development is progressing and enabling innovative development and many first home buyers to gain a foot on the property ladder, some...
Wage theft

Imminent wage theft laws introduce criminal law penalties

Following several high profile cases in recent years, the topic of wage theft laws and the associated introduction of criminal law penalties continue to feature in the Federal Government’s IR reform working group discussion process.
Stamp duty

NSW to end stamp duty

The Institute is watching closely the stamp duty/land tax reform proposals in NSW following our own call for reform to land taxes in our recent submission to the Queensland Government ahead of the upcoming State budget.

Budget before Christmas

Immediately after the election the Institute made five key recommendations for consideration in development of the State’s upcoming budget, due before year end.
Children in Creekwood Playground

Creating and supporting communities

For many people, 2020 was the first time normal lifestyles had been severely restricted. In the midst of this adversity, it became apparent how important the property industry is in fostering strong communities.
House construction

Home building builds the economy

Following on from the Institute’s release of The Perfect Storm: SEQ Land Supply Report the Institute held the sold out Lay of the Land event.