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The Institute’s Awards for Excellence is one of Queensland’s most respected and highly regarded industry Awards programs. Thanks to the efforts of our judges each year, every entrant receives a site visit from the category’s judging panel.

The judging process

Each Award category is judged by an independent panel of professional industry members.

After submissions close we conduct an external health check to ensure all projects are entered in the appropriate categories. We reserve the right to reallocate submissions to another category if it is considered to be a more appropriate fit. In this instance, the entrant will be notified and they will be given the option to amend their submission. Once the health check is complete, the Institute coordinates the judging.

Judging of entries is a two-step process:

  1. A review of the written submission against the criteria for each category; and
  2. An on-site inspection by the panel of judges.

Entrants are expected to make a verbal presentation to the judges as part of their site inspection. You should allow no longer than one hour for the site inspection including the presentation. The onsite presentation is a key component of the judging and should be delivered by your most senior representative who is intimately familiar with the project e.g. CEO, Chairman, Director, Founder etc. Entrants are requested not to provide catering or gifts (including alcohol) to the judges during the site visit. 

Changes to the site inspection date and time are not permitted under any circumstances. It is strongly recommended that you block out the judging period in all key company representative’s diaries in advance to ensure the right people (i.e. CEO, Chairman, Development Manager, Project Lead etc) are available.

The decision of the judging panel is final and will not be subject to challenge by an entrant or other parties.

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Becoming a judge

The Institute regularly rotates its judges and invites senior members of the industry to participate. If you wish to be considered to judge in the future, please send your details to