Structuring Communities 101

7 September

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7 September 2021


Start: 9:30am
Finish: 11:00am

Delivery Method

Zoom Webinar


$100 Members
$250 Non-Members

Course overview

The Structuring Communities 101 course introduces the world of strata and body corporate.

Presented by industry experts, this course delivers a high-level overview of the differences between the two as well as look at the governance, design, insurance, and legislative requirements of each.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the differences between body corporate and strata titling
  • Gain a high-level picture of the requirements when structuring communities
  • Understand the developer’s view of strata and body corporates.


Who should attend? 

  • New industry professionals
  • Graduates
  • Assistant Development Managers
  • Development Managers
  • Project and Operational Managers
  • Key decision makers and advisors.


Jim O’Hare Director Stratacare
Brendan Tutt Managing Director Tessa Group

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