Site Selection 101


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1.5 hours webinar

Delivery Method

Pre-recorded Zoom Webinar


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Course overview

The Site Selection 101 course provides an overview of why research is important to the acquisition process and what is involved with due diligence.

The content includes identifying sites online and using online tools and resources to complete an initial analysis. A brief insight into identifying a potential site for a range of developments and the factors affecting the project feasibility is also covered.

Session Outline

Development approvals 101 (1hr 30min)

Jason Murdoch – Keylin Group, Michael Forwood – Saunders Havill Group

Jason and Michael provide an overview of how research can help with site acquisition and what aspects are important in the due diligence process. Each speaker will help show you how to identify factors that help towards project feasibility.


Jason Murdoch Project Director Keylin Group
Michael Forwood Director Saunders Havill Group

Learning outcomes

  • Be able to complete an initial analysis of viability
  • Learn how to encompasses economic trends and product supply in site research
  • Gather insight from several reliable sources to make an informed assessment
  • Identify a potential site and the factors that influence project feasibility.


Who would this benefit? 

  • New industry professionals
  • Graduates
  • Assistant Development Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Key decision makers and advisors
  • Those looking to understand research, due diligence and selecting the right site