Mentoring Program

This program is designed to connect industry mentors with young professionals, and for those new to property development with career advice and support. Participants develop strong professional connections that help progress their career.

“Participating in this program was the best thing I did for my career.”

Program details

Mentees can apply at a cost of $295 including GST. Mentors and mentees are required to meet at least five times face-to-face over the nine month program. 

Become a mentor

For members who choose to become mentors, this is an opportunity to share your knowledge with the next generation of Queensland’s development industry. If you want to mentor enquire via


Become a mentee

The program will be ongoing until such a time that the maximum number of mentee placements are exhausted for the year. Places are strictly limited so enquire via

 “I found the mentoring program a fantastic tool to gain access to industry leaders and developers who are currently active in the market which would otherwise not be possible.”