In-Depth Property Development

The In-Depth Property Development course will equip you with the knowledge you need to operate successfully in the development industry. Some the industry’s brightest minds will deliver a comprehensive and engaging program that will update you with concepts and terminologies of the industry in use today.

This course is best suited to town planners, project managers, development managers and architects. It is also suitable for other professionals working in the industry like financial controllers, business development
managers, and marketing managers.



“I’ve absolutely loved doing the property development course with the UDIA. It’s given me a really comprehensive understanding of the property development industry.”


06 OCT
Securing the right site

This module covers the development process from site selection through to acquisition. You’ll walk away with an understanding of how to find out what the market is looking for and where to find planning information. Armed with an understanding of zoning you move onto ways to structure the acquisition from a financial perspective followed by an overview of contract, property, and construction law. The day wraps up with a final session on site identification and how to negotiate its acquisition.

07 OCT
Practical application

The focus of this module is wrapping your head around the due diligence, funding, and feasibility aspects of development. A developer will take you through a practical case study detailing the due diligence process for a project as well as costing and pricing. This is followed by a session on funding requirements and how they assess applications. The last piece of the puzzle is understanding a feasibility study, which you’ll be walked through by a seasoned professional.

20 OCT
Project conceptualisation, positioning, and marketing

Once your site is acquired you need to firm up your project concept. This module covers off community engagement and how critical it is to development success. Urban design and place marketing are also discussed before diving into project positioning and marketing.

21 OCT
The planning process

At the end of this module you’ll know what it takes to get a project approved by council. Starting with an overview of State planning policy, this module deep dives into the development application process followed by a session on planning appeals and law. Finally you’ll wrap the day with a session on working with all levels of government and how to do this successfully to get your project on track.

04 NOV
Built form

The nuts and bolts of construction are covered in this module including surveying, engineering, site conditions, and tendering. Sustainability of the project is also covered from the perspective of incorporating elements that contribute to the environmental context as well as certifications for the built product. The module finishes with a look at the types of construction and value managing the project.

05 NOV
Project delivery

If you want to know more about end-to-end development management this is the module for you. Project management techniques are covered upfront following by a session on scheduling project management phases.

Hear what others are saying

“The course has been an excellent opportunity to learn about project feasibility and the role of finance. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who’s thinking about doing a course, you’ll learn a lot.”