Construction Management 1.0


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2 hours

Delivery Method

Pre-recorded Zoom Webinar


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Course overview

In this webinar you will learn about what it takes to employ engineering standards to identify problems and contribute to their solutions in a range of civil and commercial construction engineering and management settings. You will also build an understanding of the legal landscape of construction contracts that effect a build. You will also gain knowledge around techniques to identify risks and how to resolve them.

Session Outline

Understand risk assessment for onsite construction (30 min)

Gareth Davies – Safe Assure

Gareth will discuss the importance of site operations and safety, plus what are the resources and services required to safely operate a construction site.

Construction procurement and tendering process (30 min)

Paul David – Hutchinson Builders

Paul will cover in details knowledge around estimating, tendering, planning and procurement, and ICT applications in the residential built environment.

Construction programming and sequencing to ensure a project’s success (30 min)

Mario Youssef – RCP

Mario will deliver information about project management including project planning, risk and environmental impact assessment, cost and cash flow management, and progress management throughout the life cycle of projects.

Understanding different types of construction contracts (30 min)

Paul Calvert – Gadens

Paul will explain in details construction contracts that include the general conditions of contracts, relevant legal concepts, dispute resolution methods. He will also cover how to effectively manage construction contracts.


Paul David Hutchinson Builders
Mario Youssef National Programming Manager RCP
Paul Calvert Gadens
Gareth Davies Managing Director Safe Assure

Learning outcomes

  • Learn about effective outcomes for engineering for concept and design stage
  • Understand key tools for efficient construction
  • Learn about the importance of construction contracts and effective communication

Who would this benefit?

  • New to the property industry
  • Assistant Development Managers
  • Project and Operational Managers
  • Graduates
  • Key decision makers and advisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Civil Engineers
  • Construction economist