5 minutes with…Steve Allan from Hotondo Homes

Steve’s journey in the property industry so far.

Steve Allan, Builder / Director at Hotondo Homes

How did you get involved in the development industry?

While building homes, duplexes and units over the last 20 years the benefits of having a knowledge of planning and development became necessary for the success of the projects we contracted in their design and economical outcomes. My interest and involvement have increased over the years

What’s been a career highlight?

Each successfully managed project is a highlight, though recognition within the building industry for well-designed and sited buildings has been a career highlight.  

What inspires you?

Returning to a home or unit and being told by the occupier how easy the building is to heat and cool and how well the design functions for their particular needs.

What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned in your career?

Don’t rush the planning and design stage. Reinforce the need to all parties to cover all bases prior to construction as it saves time and money once the project starts.

What advice would you give to young professionals starting in the industry?

Surround yourself with a network of proactive professionals in the relevant fields that support the development and progress of your projects and help with your own personal development. You can’t know, do and be everything!

Where do you see the property development industry in the next 10 years?

I see it having to become very flexible and open minded to counter and adapt to the ever-changing landscape both at a local and global level. Hasn’t COVID-19 changed the way we look at human interaction on all levels!

Tell us about the latest trends in the industry.

I think imaginative individuals and business groups are making their own trends. We seem to be in a time where personal likes and dislikes over power industry trends and people put their own individual stamp on design and product. Some successfully and some not so.