Frequently Asked Questions


Why enter?

The Awards are an opportunity to be recognised for excellence within the development industry. If your company has done something unique, pushed the boundaries, or innovated to overcome challenges, you should consider entering. The Awards are very competitive, so becoming a winner or finalist is acknowledgement of success from your peers.


How do I enter?

You must complete a submission to enter the Awards through our online entry system. You can get a head start on your submission by completing an Intent to Enter free of charge before we open submissions.

Completing an Intent to Enter and starting your submission makes you eligible to save $220 by accessing the early bird entry fee. If you start a submission after the Intents to Enter phase, you will pay full price to make your Awards submission.


Can non-members enter the Awards?

You must be a member to make a submission. However, non-members can complete the Intent to Enter process, but they must become members to convert their entry to a submission.


What are Intents to Enter and do I have to do one?

Intents to Enter for the Awards are the only way to access the early bird discount for submissions. They are also the only way to get a head start on your entry as you gain access to the category criteria once before submissions open.


Can I still make a submission if I don’t complete an Intent to Enter?

Yes. But you will not be eligible for the early bird submission price.


How can I get a discount on my submission?

To access the early bird discount on your submission you need to complete an Intent to Enter and make a start on your submissions before submissions officially open.


Is there criteria?

Every category has unique criteria. Entrants should closely review the criteria to ensure their submission response and site presentations address the criteria.


How do I decide what category to enter?

We provide guidelines for each category to help you determine what category matches your project. If you are still unsure, select “I don’t know” when registering and we will contact you to confirm the best category for your project.


Can I enter the same project in more than one category?

Yes, provided it meets the criteria.


Can consultants enter all the categories?

Consultants are only permitted to enter three categories:
• Consultants’ Excellence
• Design Excellence
• Wildcard.

All other categories are open to developers only. Consultants can only enter the Consultants’ Excellence, Design Excellence, and Wildcard categories.


How are the submission and site inspection weighted?

The written submission is worth 30 percent and the judges' site inspection is worth 70 percent.


What happens after I submit?

After submissions close the Institute conducts a health check to ensure all projects are entered in the appropriate categories. Once the health check is complete, the Institute coordinates the site inspections with the judging panels.


Can we change the date of our site visit?

No. Changes to the site inspection date and time are not permitted under any circumstances.

It is strongly recommended that you block out the judging period in all key company representative’s diaries in advance to ensure the right people (i.e. CEO, Chairman, Development Manager, Project Lead etc) are available.


Do you save me tickets to the luncheon if I enter?

Tickets are not allocated to entrants. You must purchase your own ticket(s). The luncheon sold out before the end of early bird in 2016 and 2017, so it is strongly recommended you purchase ticket(s) to the luncheon at the same time you pay for your submission to avoid disappointment.


Will you tell me if I’ve won beforehand?

Most definitely not!


How do I become a judge?

The Institute regularly rotates its judges and invites senior members of the industry to participate. If you wish to be considered to judge in the future please send your details to