Policy, Advocacy & Research


The UDIA (Qld) prides itself on its long and healthy relationship with all levels of government.

Submissions form the formal part of this relationship and ensure that the voice of our members is heard where and when it matters most.

Based on extensive research and member consultation, the submissions provide excellent insight into key issues in the Queensland development industry.

  • UDIA (Qld)'s Position on the SEQRP

    The South East Queensland Regional Plan is of critical importance to the development industry in responding to community housing demand.

  • Advisory Taskforce on Residential Transition for Ageing Queenslanders

    The Institute welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Issues paper consistent with our efforts to improve the new housing response to the growing aged population in Queensland.

  • Working together for better housing and sustainable communities - it's time to take action

    Our submission provides recommendations to improve housing supply and affordability. It also recommends the government set 10-year targets such as an affordable price and ensure they achieve those in the strategy’s life.

  • 2016 Pre-Budget Submission

    Our committees and regional branches have come together to develop our pre-budget submission to the Queensland Government: Accommodating Growth – Creating Jobs, Delivering Thriving Communities.

    The comprehensive and focussed recommendations within the submission aim to stimulate more economic activity and improve the quality of life for Queensland communities.

  • Submission | Draft Buildings that Breathe Guide

    This submission was made in response to consultation on the Draft Buildings that Breathe Guide from the Brisbane City Council. The aspirational design guide is examined regarding its place in the development assessment framework.