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Research Foundation

Up-to-date research is a key ingredient of good property development.

The UDIA Qld Research Foundation will facilitate the progression of our industry by providing our members with the opportunity and information required to make decisions based on hard evidence.

The UDIA Qld Research Foundation, proudly presented by Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ), will fill the critical gap in research available through the delivery of both industry and consumer insight and analysis. Through a more informed development industry, more affordable and appropriate homes will be delivered to Queenslanders. Better communities will result.

To satisfy this gap and ensure the industry continues to produce affordable product appropriately suited to the needs of Queenslanders, a four-part, ongoing and annual program of research has been commissioned by the UDIA Qld under the banner of the Research Foundation:

On The Radar Report – our research radar is always on, monitoring and analysing hot industry topics and using primary data to break down what they mean for your business. Don’t let your business fly under the radar, put it in a prime position, courtesy of this exclusive research powered by Urbis.

Regional Radar – Position your projects properly, courtesy of regular region-specific data delivered direct to your inbox. Powered by CoreLogic, equip your business with knowledge of the best performing suburbs, latest sales and rent figures, as well as affordability indexing, all with the click of a button. 

Planning Pulse - Keep your finger on the planning pulse and compare state-wide performance with planning knowledge at your fingertips. Let us do the hard work so you can easily access state wide facts and performance across 15 Local Government Areas in Queensland.

The Industry Insights Briefing a localised snapshot of the new development sector across Queensland powered by the National Property Research Co.

Using data and insights from developers and agents across 14 Queensland regions, the industry will be able to determine grass roots opportunities.

The Industry Insights Report will be released to the industry via limited capacity events.

The UDIA Qld’s Industry in Focus Uncovering the opportunities in Queensland’s new residential sector

Again, consumer targeted, focus groups will allow us to deeply explore major industry issues, with the scope of the research driven by the Industry Leaders Research Group.

In addition to designated research, the UDIA Qld also produces a number of reports analysing current industry data.


The Research Foundation is proudly presented by Construction Skills Queensland. 


Industry Leaders Research Group 

The Research Foundation will be informed via the Industry Leaders Research Group to ensure we deliver what is most needed: