Advocacy & Research

Making submissions on the issues that matter

The Institute prepares submissions to all levels of government on matters impacting the development industry and their ability to create communities. 

2017 submissions list

  • Draft Livingstone Planning Scheme (Jan 2017)
  • Gladstone Planning Scheme Amendment (Jan 2017)
  • 2017-18 Pre-budget submission - UDIA National (Jan 2017)
  • Draft Planning Regulation, State Planning Policy and State Development Assessment Provisions (Feb 2017)
  • Using value capture to help deliver major land transport infrastructure - UDIA National (Feb 2017)
  • Queensland Building Plan (Feb 2017)
  • Draft South East Queensland Regional Plan (Mar 2017)
  • Moreton Bay Regional Council Draft Residential Land Supply Assessment Project (Mar 2017)
  • Proposed protected area and offsets legislation (Mar 2017)
  • Maintain the Great Start Grant (Mar 2017)
  • UDIA State of the Land - UDIA National (Apr 2017)
  • Enhancing regulations to ensure clean water for a healthy Great Barrier Reef and a prosperous Queensland Discussion Paper (Apr 2017)
  • Property Law Review: Options Paper Recommendations, Body Corporate governance issues: By-laws, debt recovery and scheme termination (May 2017)
  • 2017-2018 Queensland pre-budget submission (May 2017)
  • 2017 Housing Agenda (May 2017)
  • Redland City Plan (May 2017)
  • Draft Spring Hill Neighbourhood Plan (Jun 2017)
  • Sunshine Coast's Draft Environmental and Liveability Strategy (Jun 2017)
  • Mackay Waterfront Redevelopment Update (Jun 2017)
  • Brisbane City Council's proposed Citywide amendment - Biodiversity (Jun 2017)
  • Cultural Heritage Duty of Care Guidelines Review (Jun 2017)
  • Brisbane City Council's Draft Ferny Grove - Upper Kedron Neighbourhood Plan (Jul 2017)
  • Draft Brisbane Local Government Infrastructure PLan (LGIP) 2016-2026 and Draft City Plan major amendment for long term infrastructure (beyond 2026) (Jul 2017)
  • Draft Housing Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 (Jul 2017)
  • Draft Ipswich Local Government Infrastructure Plan (Jul 2017)
  • LGEAOLA Act working group draft report comments (Aug 2017)
  • Draft Gladstone Local Government Infrastructure Plan (Aug 2017)
  • Draft Redland City Council Local Government Infrastructure Plan (Aug 2017)
  • Potential Cairns South State Development Area (Aug 2017)
  • Draft Housing Legislation (Building Better Futures) Amendment Bill 2017 (Aug 2017)
  • Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Bill 2017 (Sep 2017)
  • Definition of a Storey (Aug 2017)
  • Significant issues relating to local government infrastructure planning (Sep 2017)
  • Far North Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils (FNQROC) Regional Development Manual amendments (Sep 2017)
  • Proposed major amendments to the Moreton Bay Regional Council Planning Scheme (Oct 2017)
  • Bundaberg State Development Area Draft Development Scheme (Oct 2017)
  • Local Government Electoral (Implementing Belcarra) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 (Oct 2017)
  • Redland City Council's Draft Multiple Dwelling Design Guide (Nov 2017)
  • Draft City of Gold Coast Local Government Infrastructure Plan (Nov 2017)
  • City of Gold Coast City Plan Major Update (Nov 2017)
  • City of Gold Coast City Plan Major Update (Schedule 6) (Nov 2017)
  • Draft Bundaberg Council Local Government Infrastructure Plan (Nov 2017)
  • Logan City Council's proposed changes to auxiliary dwelling controls (Dec 2017)
  • City of Gold Coast proposed Temporary Local Planning Instrument No. 5 (Minimum Land Above Designated Flood Level and Residential Risk Reduction) 2017 (Dec 2017).

For any enquiries relating to our submissions please contact our Policy Manager via