Policy, Advocacy & Research

2017 Policy AGENDA

The UDIA Qld is pursuing a proactive policy agenda this year.

We aim to advocate on the following key issues for our members whilst delivering on our mission to help our members build better Queensland communities.

Our five areas of focus will be:


Delivery of the regional plans needs to be measured and monitored to ensure the implementation process is effectively communicated to the impacted members and communities. Leading on from this, we see it as our responsibility to chart the course for reaching open communication between the community, industry and government. This flow of information will enable our members to deliver better communities with support from government.

It is also necessary for us to be a voice for communities with respect to infrastructure that will support our growing population. We will endeavour to identify and advocate for the catalytic infrastructure required to deliver more housing. Finally, we commit to working closely with government to unlock opportunities for new urban communities through the optimisation of surplus land.