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  • A twist on innovation

    With existing infrastructure under pressure from climate, population growth and a number of other factors, property developers will have to ‘work smart’ to meet these challenges.

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  • Broadwater Marine Project/Cruise Ship Terminal

    The Queensland Government has determined that the Broadwater Marine Project including a cruise ship terminal will not be permitted to occur on The Spit.

    This decision has been interpreted by some in the community to mean that the project is no longer supported and will not be proceeding. We confirm the project is still under consideration but is now restricted to Wavebreak Island and including a bridge connection to Labrador.

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  • Southport Priority Development Area good news for industry

    Southport was declared a Priority Development Area (PDA) on 4 October 2013. On 5 September 2014, the City marked another major milestone through the adoption of the Southport Priority Development Area Scheme (PDA Scheme) by the Queensland Government.

    The PDA Scheme now supersedes the Interim Land Use Plan which no longer has effect.  All development applications will now be assessed against the Southport PDA Scheme.

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  • Stormwater Pipes

    The UDIA (Qld) Cairns Branch are negotiating a policy change with the Cairns Regional Council that will provide developers with the flexibility to install alternative plastic piping. The Branch is also seeking a lowering of the threshold imposed by Council as part of their inspection process. 

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  • Win for UDIA (Qld) Mackay Whitsunday Branch

    The UDIA (Qld) Mackay Whitsunday Branch is pleased to announce that the Branch has recently received a letter from the Mackay Regional Council regarding amendments to the draft Planning Scheme provisions on private open space.

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  • Draft Standard Condition Review

    The UDIA (Qld) Mackay Whitsunday Branch Executive Committee has been actively involved in reviewing a number of Mackay Regional Council’s draft standard conditions, as part of Council’s ‘Focus on Development Application Project’.

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