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  • Waterfront PDA guidelines released

    The draft guidelines provide clarity on what types of buildings and design standards can be used in future developments throughout the Priority Development Area including public spaces such as walkways and parks. 

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  • New LGIP

    Members are encouraged to review the new LGIP and check their sites against the Priority Infrastructure Areas to determine if changes have been made.

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  • Thank you, Brent

    The Institute would like to thank Brent Thomas for his exceptional service as Branch President of the Sunshine Coast Branch. 

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  • Clearing decision

    Following on from a recent court decision, developers are being cautioned that the following types of clearing may now require approval.

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  • Changes to DA lodgements

    From 1 July 2018 Development Services will no longer accept development applications that have been lodged via email. 

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  • In-Depth PD

    The In-depth Property Development course is a six-day program designed by developers.

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