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  • Gold Coast Draft City Plan submission update

    We are delighted to announce the successful submission of the UDIA (Qld) Gold Coast Logan Branch response to the City of Gold Coast Council in relation to the Draft City Plan 2015.

    The Institute considers the new Draft Plan to be a critical determining factor of the future health of the Gold Coast development industry and more importantly, the ability of the industry to provide strong communities, affordable housing, employment and entertainment opportunities for our growing city.

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  • New Client Service Charter aims to fast-track development projects

    The UDIA (Qld) Mackay Whitsunday Branch has been working with the Mackay Regional Council to improve development related services and is proud to announce the successful signing of a client service charter between the Branch and Council. The client service charter is part of the Mackay Regional Council’s ongoing development application reform process (Focus in Development Action Project).

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