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  • Fair Value Infrastructure Charges Reminder

    A reminder that the Mackay Regional Council’s infrastructure charges incentive scheme becomes effective on 10 March 2015. 

    Members should be aware that they only have until the above date to seek a reduction in charges for already approved developments.  Developments previously approved and eligible for discounts under Administrative Policy 38 must also apply to Council by 10 March 2015 to recalculate the contributions and the lesser amount will be applicable.

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  • Reduced charges to stimulate student accommodation

    The UDIA (Qld) congratulates Brisbane City Council and Queensland Urban Utilities on their decision to reduce infrastructure charges for student accommodation in inner Brisbane.

    Providing higher education to international students is Australia’s fourth largest export sector and this initiative will help developers deliver well located and more affordable accommodation for these students. Plus, it will continue to boost Brisbane’s international appeal as a student hotspot.

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  • New NBN Greenfield Rollout Plan to Commence 1 March 2015

    The Federal Government’s new policy for the rollout of the NBN in greenfield areas is due to come into effect from 1 March 2015.  While the final policy is still yet to be announced by the Government, UDIA understands that it will, for the most part, remain largely unchanged from the draft policy, which is available in full here.

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  • Home ownership for the next generation

    The Reserve Bank of Australia Governor, Glenn Stevens sent a message to policy makers at the biannual House of Representatives Economics Committee hearing, insisting more needs to be done to improve the affordability of land.

    The Governor, in response to questions from a school student about how their generation could afford to purchase a home, had this to say –

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  • Redeveloping ageing buildings

    We recently lodged a submission calling for Body Corporate Law Reforms to make it easier for ageing buildings to be redeveloped.

    These reforms are fundamental to achieving the housing needs of Queensland’s growing population by supporting urban renewal and meeting community expectations in relation to sustainability, building safety and amenity.

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  • Rethinking the proposed NBN policies

    The Federal Department of Communications recently issued a draft document which outlined its preferred policy for the rollout of the NBN in greenfield areas. The UDIA National office has responded by asking the Government to rethink the proposed policies. The UDIA National office believes aspects of the policy represent cost shifting from NBN Co to new home buyers which will effect housing affordability - particularly in greenfield estates that require significant backhaul.

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  • Mackay signs up to fair value infrastructure charges

    Mackay Regional Council has joined Townsville, Cairns and Rockhampton in agreeing to lower infrastructure charges and to become eligible for the State Government’s Priority Development Infrastructure (PDI) program .

    The UDIA (Qld) has been working hard to advocate for Mackay’s participation in the PDI program.

    The new adopted infrastructure charges resolution (AICR) policy was adopted by Council on the 3 December 2014 and was effective on 10 December 2014.  Charges for residential dwellings are up to 10 per cent lower in many cases compared to current and previous charging policies of the Council.

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  • Planning for Queensland

    On behalf of our members we have put forward further recommendations to improve planning laws, planning schemes, processes and cultural matters in our 2015 Advocacy Agenda, ‘Building Better Communities’.

    Since 2012, planning laws and processes have been the subject of reform. We support this action but believe there is still a way to go. Planning schemes and development assessment practices/processes at a local government level have at times hindered the delivery of diverse and affordable housing. We believe planning reform efforts need to focus on ensuring that local planning schemes, local processes and policies deliver on the State’s interest. This includes the intent of planning legislation, as well as the broader interests of the wider community, the economy and Queensland’s next generation of home buyers.

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  • Tackling affordability with increased land supply and infrastructure

    In order to accommodate Queensland’s predicted population growth, without affecting housing affordability, the UDIA (Qld) believes there needs to be a readily available supply of land that is free of constraints - offering buyers’ choice in location, product and price. On behalf of members, the UDIA (Qld) has put forward this recommendation in the UDIA (Qld)’s 2015 Advocacy Agenda, ‘Building Better Communities’.

    We have also met and discussed our 2015 Advocacy Agenda, ‘Building Better Communities’ with both government and opposition during the campaign period.

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