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  • Tax reform will deliver affordable housing

    Last week the ALP and LNP both promised no new taxes and both made statements that suggest that there would be no overall increase in the general tax burden in Queensland. The LNP also promised to continue to raise the payroll tax free threshold to $1.4m over the next three years (up from $1.1m).

    The Institute agrees that an overall increase in the tax burden in Queensland is not the answer.

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  • Koala referral guidelines adopted

    The Federal Government has released finalised referral guidelines to assist the industry when developing land in regions with Koala populations. These materials, including guidelines, maps and factsheets, support the decision to list the Koala as 'Vulnerable' under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) in 2012.

    The guidelines, maps and fact sheets provide much needed guidance and have a significant impact on numerous projects and potential development sites across Queensland.

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  • Election Campaign Update

    In the first eight days of the campaign there have been a handful of announcements of particular interest to the property development industry.

    In launching the election campaign, Premier Newman confirmed that if re-elected an LNP government would continue to focus on the property and construction industry as one of the four pillars of the Queensland economy. The Institute welcomes confirmation that our industry would remain a focus for a re-elected LNP Government.

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  • Priority Development Infrastructure Co-Investment Program Update

    Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) has provided UDIA (Qld)’s policy committees with an update on the new Priority Development Infrastructure (PDI) Co-Investment Program.

    The PDI program is an initiative resulting from the Infrastructure Charges Review which has been designed to facilitate infrastructure that will enable significant economic development.

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  • What's Next After Ripley?

    The ‘Heads Up: What’s Next After Ripley’ event was held on October 30 2014 in Ipswich. The event featured Amex Corporation’s Michael Khan and Ipswich City Council’s John Adams as speakers.

    The event was well attended by the development industry who were keen to find out about the next big development area in Ipswich.

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  • UDIA (Qld) Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner

    Judging for the UDIA (Qld) 2014 Awards for Excellence has commenced and we’d like to thank all businesses and individuals who have submitted entries for a hotly contested award this year.

    We’ve received a number of high calibre entries from right across Queensland this year and it’s guaranteed our judges will have their work cut out for them.

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  • Priorities for the next term of Government

    The UDIA (Qld) would like to hear your views on the priorities for the next term of Government in Queensland.

    With a State Election due in March 2015, what do you think should be the priorities for a newly elected Government so that our industry can deliver thriving and affordable communities?

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