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We need your feedback

The Institute is currently compiling a list of issues that our regions are experiencing with the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR). To assist in this essential submission, we are seeking examples of issues that you have encountered in your region when interacting with DTMR. Potential issues have ranged from engagement with the department, to the facilitation of their assessment/approval process through SARA. Constructive and positive feedback of the departments performance are also welcomed.

Potential issues raised from the UDIA Policy Team include:

  • Number of triggers within the Planning Regulations 2016 relating to State transport infrastructure
  • Number of state-controlled roads within a given locality
  • Future state-controlled roads, local roads of regional significance (LRRS)
  • Guide to Traffic Impact Assessment (GTIA) vs (GARID) Guidelines for Assessment of the Roads Impacts of Development
  • Customer service
  • Acceptance of alternate solutions
  • Fees relating to State Transport Infrastructure Triggers
  • Conditions of approval
  • Proposing a new access onto a state-controlled road
  • Pre-lodgement processes with the DTMR

The Institute is well-placed to represent its membership in a collaborative manner with the Queensland Government and the DTMR to help our members deliver better communities. Feedback and examples that you face in your region are needed soon. Please provide your comments to Policy Manager Martin Zaltron via