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Sustainability conditions unsustainable

Integrating sustainability in the built environment will play a vital role in reducing the carbon footprint of buildings and UDIA Queensland members are assisting in this direction. However, the Sunshine Coast Branch believes the application of these principles needs to be facilitated appropriately so as to not compromise housing affordability in the region.

Members within the Sunshine Coast Branch have recently reported a new trend in design requirements emanating from council. Issues associated with Material Change of Use (MCU) conditions, particularly on Multiple dwelling land uses in the Sunshine Coast region have been identified by members as:

  • Duplicating the Building Assessment Provisions causing a double up in assessment
  • Not clear in respect to relevance under the Planning Act 2016 and what council can condition
  • Not being capable of being conditions as the existing Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 and the Sustainable Design Code is not equipped to do so
  • Requiring unnecessary detail within the MCU stage in detailed architectural drawings.

The Sunshine Coast Branch consolidated its views and comments and have provided council with a submission outlining their concerns. To view this submission, please follow this HERE.

The Branch will work with council on these matters. Inquiries can be directed to Institute Policy Executive, Robert Tily via or on 07 3233 1589.