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Ripley PDA fees increase

The Ripley Valley Priority Development Area (PDA) have changed its application fees to align with the Ipswich City Council‘s Fees and Charges.

Any subsequent applications lodged post 1 January 2019 within the Ripley Valley PDA will attract different application fees which will alter development costs and feasibilities. It is strongly recommended that members, where they have projects within the Ripley Valley PDA, review their application fee allowances.

Previously within the Ripley Valley PDA, fees were based on the Development Assessment Fees and Charges Schedule on the Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) website. A fee payable for a Standard 100 lot subdivision would likely equate to $26,133.00. See EDQ Fees and Charges Schedule here.

Under the Ipswich City Council Fees and Charges Schedule (pg. 28) Reconfiguring a Lot application fee is $820.00 per lot plus $2,500.00 as a base fee.

The Ipswich Branch has tabled this matter from their past committee meeting held on the 23 January 2019. If you have specific examples demonstrating a great change in development applications fees, please provide those examples to Robert Tily – Policy Executive on