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Potential State Development Area

Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning is currently investigating the potential to designate the Tropical North Global Tourism Hub (GTH).

The Tropical North GTH is intended to connect Queensland with new and emerging tourism markets, deliver new public space, and provide new lifestyle and entertainment offerings. It aims to integrate Cairns Convention Centre, The Reef Hotel Casino, and Pullman Hotel and Resort with the site.

State Development Areas are created under the State Development and Public Work Organisation Act 1971 in order establish greater planning and development certainty for project proponents and streamline the assessment process. A development scheme is then drafted to regulate development within the designated area.

To make a submission, please visit the Tropical North GTH "have your say" page here. The Institute will also be making a submission to the State. Any comments you wish to raise or include in the submission, please contact Robert Tily – Policy Executive on