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New Noosa Planning Scheme

The Noosa Council’s new planning scheme is still open for public consultation. The planning scheme is intended to replace the current Noosa Plan introduced 13 years ago.

South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017 (ShapingSEQ) has indicated that an additional 9,000 people and 6,400 dwellings will be required in Noosa by 2041. A new planning scheme will need to ensure the it will align with the regional plan.

The Sunshine Coast Branch is supportive of Noosa Council reviewing and updating its scheme to facilitate more housing and business choice within the region. The new planning scheme will see a revised format of the current version to be consistent with other planning schemes across Queensland.

The Sunshine Coast Branch has undertaken an initial assessment on key aspects of the new planning scheme and highlight to following points for member consideration:

  • The Minimum lot sizes for the following zones are:
    • Low density residential – 600sqm OR 800sqm for rear lots
    • Medium density residential – 600sqm
    • High density residential – 1,200sqm
    • Rural Residential – 1.5 Hectares
  • Secondary dwellings are Accepted Development (no application required) subject to requirements in the Low density residential zone
  • Dual occupancy land uses will be Impact Assessable in the Low density residential zone; requiring public notification
  • Dual occupancy and Multiple dwelling land uses will be Code Assessable in the Medium density residential zone.

Members are strongly encouraged to review the new planning scheme against the current Noosa Plan to determine how you may be impacted. Please direct any specific questions you may have on the new planning scheme to council by calling 07 5329 6360. 

The new planning scheme can be viewed on council’s Have your Say Page. A number of fact sheets have also been created and can be viewed here. The Sunshine Coast branch committee will work with council to ensure the new planning scheme will be equipped to meet dwelling targets as per Shaping SEQ.

The consultation period concludes 5pm on 20 May 2019. If have any comments you wish to relay onto the Sunshine Coast Branch Committee for their consideration, please contact Policy Executive, Robert Tily via