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Ipswich Investigating New Scheme

The Ipswich Branch has been advised that council is currently undergoing the process of consolidating a new planning scheme. This new planning scheme will set out the development aspirations of the region for the next 15 years.

The current Ipswich City Council Planning Scheme was first adopted over 13 years ago. Since its inception, Ipswich has grown into an increasingly important local government area in the South-East Queensland Area.

The Branch supports Ipswich City Council’s moves toward a new planning scheme. Earlier in March, a submission was sent to council outlining the industry’s experience in the region and providing insight on the Ipswich market. The submission separated the matters into three different categories: Growth Areas; Operationalisation; and Administrative. The Branch provided a list of items which would provide improvements and sought ongoing engagement with the development industry to deliver housing in an affordable manner.

Establishment of an ongoing reference group of local industry representatives was also discussed. To view this submission, please follow this link.

Inquiries to Robert Tily, Institute Policy Executive via on 07 3229 1589.