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Inspiring Coast design wanted

The UDIA Sunshine Coast Branch called on council to produce a design guide that is aspirational of a unique Sunshine Coast character and theme.

The branch offered its experience and familiarity with industry practice to inform the direction a new design guide takes.

The Branch recommended:

  • a design strategy that can encapsulate the Sunshine Coast’s unique character and theme and is easily translated into general architectural principles – i.e. promotion of sub-tropical or coastal design responsive to the prevailing streetscape and built form
  • clear architectural photographs and diagrams that convey the theme to be achieved
  • refrain from utilising a language suggestive of a prescriptive nature. These may include ‘ensure’, ‘mandate’, ‘protect’, or the like to avoid any confusion the guide intends to regulate the built form
  • ensure the design strategy does not create community confusion regarding fundamental planning principles and as a result, create unrealistic community expectations
  • strongly consider incentive options to encourage improved design.

The UDIA wrote to the Sunshine Coast Regional Council to provide early commentary on the Sunshine Coast Design Strategy and to thank the Council for the opportunity to meet the project team responsible for its development.

The branch looks forward to reviewing a draft copy of the Design Strategy when it becomes available.

For a copy of the letter sent to Sunshine Coast Regional Council, click here.

Further questions on this matter can be addressed to Policy Executive, Robert Tily on 07 3229 1589.