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Infrastructure Charging Offset Plan

The removal of some trunk infrastructure items from Economic Development Queensland’s (EDQ) draft Infrastructure Charging Offset Plan (ICOP) will mean that these items will be wholly at the developer’s cost. That is they can no longer be offset against infrastructure charges. Public consultation concludes Tuesday next week (November 5).

The ICOP document sets out the infrastructure contributions that may be offset or reimbursed against the charges contained in the Infrastructure Funding Framework. This includes the details on all infrastructure networks that includes:

  • Municipal
    • Water Supply Network
    • Sewerage Supply Network
    • Transport Network
    • Parks and Open Space Network
  • State
    • State School
    • Emergency Services and Health Facilities
    • Rail Corridor Land
  • Sub-Regional
    • Road infrastructure
    • Water Supply
    • Sewerage.

It is understood EDQ will see out provisional trunk offset approvals (limited to the next two years). Members affected by the removal of trunk items are urged to review the draft and send their feedback to the Institute.  

The Institute will be seeking comments from members within the PDA in order to produce a submission to EDQ. Please contact Policy Executive, Robert Tily via to pass on your feedback.