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Housing affordability no mystery

Well respected Grattan Institute CEO John Daley laid out basics all the community should know at the recent UDIA Queensland Heads Up: The Future of Housing event.

Building more houses does keep house prices down. It's simple. But using complex charts and graphs John laid it out in fascinating detail.

John identified serious structural and political concerns that are increasingly reducing the ability of lower income households in Queensland to be able to afford housing.

However, we can do something to address the affordability of housing by increasing supply.

John's research with the Grattan Institute identified the costs of zoning, land scarcity, community reactions and other issues in the housing market. Low interest rates and inadequate housing supply have led to boom bust price changes in Sydney. On the other side the ample supply of apartments in some areas of Brisbane have brought affordability to our apartment market.

John also addressed a number of other issues including taxes and particularly stressed the need for additional infill housing. These are issues that can be difficult to address but are important to moderating house prices and improving housing affordability.

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