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DTMR DA Improvement Sought

The Institute is working with the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) to improve the way the Department interacts with the industry particularly on the issue of timeframes.

The Institute recently wrote to DTMR with industry feedback on the main problems members encounter when dealing with DTMR.  Previously, we sought input from members across Queensland on the challenges and issues in the development assessment process and other aspects of working with DTMR.

Specifically, our members raised the following key issues:

  • Coordination and communication issues with other state agencies and local government
  • Delays in the assessment timeframes
  • Difficulties in obtaining meetings with DTMR officers in some cases.

A meeting to discuss the issues in more detail was held on August 26, and work has since commenced on new and improved arrangements.

The Institute is also seeking to other address issues, including:

  • Land resumption
  • Traffic modelling (GTIA vs GARID)
  • Road networks
  • Pavements
  • State triggers from the Planning Regulation 2017
  • Bonding
  • Other matters

The Institute is pleased with the way the Department has reacted to our feedback and is appreciative of this new approach being taken.

If you have any further feedback or comments related to the above issues, please email Martin Zaltron at