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Cultural Heritage Acts Review

The state government has released a consultation paper as an early step in reviewing the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003 and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Heritage Act 2003. The current Acts have been in place for some time and this review is aimed at ensuring the Acts remain up to date.

Your views on the operation of the Acts are welcomed as the Institute prepares a submission on the consultation paper.

The Institute is supportive of the existing legislation as we believe it provides a means of working with Indigenous groups to ensure cultural heritage is protected and acknowledged in Queensland. For this reason, the Institute is cautious of any changes that could make the duty of care guidelines  unnecessarily complicated, preservation of cultural heritage more difficult, or engagement with relevant Indigenous groups less clear.

The consultation paper and consultation sessions dates are available here. Please send any comments on the consultation paper you have to Policy Executive Robert Tily via or on 07 3229 1589.