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Can we be car free?

In response to the Draft South East Queensland Regional Transport Plans (the Transport Plan) recognising SEQ’s high car dependency and attendant casualty rates, and congestion, the UDIA recommended serious mode share targeting to shift commuters to public transport, ride sharing and micro mobility revolutions in the future.

The Institute submission focussed on development industry needs, seeking improved public transport outcomes for urban growth areas, identifying additional growth areas and infill development related to public transport routes, better defining region-shaping public transport corridors, and further orientating housing growth areas and infill to the public transport routes and ShapingSEQ.

The Institute’s submission also reflected our support for the state's work with commercial and industrial interests and residential communities to develop the Transport Plan. And their efforts to respond to demands with measures of success around road network reliability, public transport competitiveness, freight route reliability, active and public transport and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Institute however, clearly identified that the Plan does not go far enough when discussing goal-setting. The Research Foundation of the Institute has identified that there is increasing angst among SEQ residents relating to the quality, frequency, and dispersal of public transport across the region. The community must be informed and engaged as modes evolve and change, and the Plan does not address the communication that needs to occur.

The Institute also sought improved public transport facilities to improve speed, service, and reach of facilities to address private motor vehicle congestion. Well-paid jobs in the inner areas of Brisbane are encouraging longer commutes for residents and this should be acknowledged and planned for. Ignoring the rise of these commute-times could lead to unexpected congestion and can exacerbate social division. Significant infrastructure and planning needs to occur to combat the issues for the community.

The Draft South East Queensland Regional Transport Plans are a good start. The Institute thanks the Department of Transport and Main Roads for the opportunity to comment.

Greater detail from the Institute's submission can be found by downloading the PDF version here.

Detail of the draft plans including transport plans for other regions are available here.

If you have any questions about the submission or the comments within, please contact Institute Policy Manager, Martin Zaltron via or on 07 3229 1589.