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CEO's Diary - February 2019

22 January 2019, Meeting with Devine I had an opportunity to meet with UDIA Queensland Member Devine. The meeting was a great opportunity to understand what’s really happening in the market for our members.

22 January 2019, Meeting with Peter Nelson, Office of the Queensland Government Architect Peter and I discussed the progress of the QDesign document and some other projects that are on-foot with the OQGA, including the progression of innovative missing middle product development.

24 January 2019, Meeting with Luke Hannan, Local Government Association Queensland I met with Luke to discuss collaboration with the Local Government Association in providing professional opportunities for elected officials. Queensland’s councillors have such an important role to play in creating outstanding communities and we want to ensure that a sound education in development and planning principles forms part of the induction process.

25 January 2019, Mystery Site Tour I had the opportunity to visit the sites of three members within the Brisbane region. The communities our members create and the passion displayed is incredibly inspiring. These visits are always the highlight of my month!

30 January 2019, EnviroDevelopment Certificate Presentations I road tripped through Northern New South Wales, presenting certificates to several projects that achieved EnviroDevelopment certification. I was blown away by the ingenuity of these developers to create fabulous product underpinned by cutting edge sustainability practices.

31 January 2019, Meeting with Dyan Currie, Brisbane City Council I regularly meet with Dyan to discuss the changing planning landscape in Brisbane as well as feedback received from members.

31 January 2019, Meeting with Matt Collins, Queensland Treasury I met with Matt to obtain an update on the work undertaken on a City Deal for South East Queensland.  

1 February 2019, Inside Development with Logan City Council The institute ran a professional development course for Logan City Council staff. The purpose of the training was to track the development process from the developers’ perspective. Covering everything from site selection to feasibility studies, the course is designed to provide context to local government staff on the behind the scenes work that occurs before an application is even lodged.

8 February 2019, Meeting with Cory Heathwood, Brisbane Airport Corporation Cory provided an update on Brisbane Airport’s new runway as well as a new flight path tool designed for the Brisbane region.

12 February 2019, Meeting with Mr Andrew Powell MP, Shadow Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning I meet regularly with Mr Powell to discuss the issues that really matter for our members.

13 February 2019, Meeting with Cr Matthew Bourke, Chair of the Brisbane City Council City Planning Committee I meet regularly with Cr Bourke to discuss Brisbane City Council planning matters. During this meeting we discussed feedback provided by members on the Brisbane Blueprint.

13 February 2019, lunch with the Reserve Bank of Australia I attended lunch with representatives of the Reserve Bank of Australia as well as other industry leaders. It was a great opportunity to understand the economic landscape Queensland is facing, straight from those in the know at the RBA!

14 February 2019, Growth Monitoring Program Reference Group, The Reference Group meets regularly to discuss the progress of the Growth Monitoring Program. The program has the potential to strike right at the heart of land supply problem within Queensland. Land supply is a key pillar of our Proactive Policy Agenda. I am so appreciative of the opportunity to collaborate on this issue with the Department on behalf of our members.

15 February 2019, Presentation of 2018 Industry Leaders Research Group Findings to Defence Housing Australia, I travelled to Canberra to present the findings of the qualitative research undertaken in 2018, funded by the Industry Leaders Research Group.

21 February 2019, Meeting with Kerry Doss, I meet regularly with Mr Doss to discuss the issues faced by our members across the state.

Presenting Intrapac's EnviroDevelopment Certification for Aureus.

Presenting Clarence Property Corporation with their Six Leaf Certification for EnviroDevelopment for their project EPIQ at Lennox Heads.