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CEO's Diary - August 2019

5 August 2019, meeting with Matthew Collins, Treasury: I met with Matthew Collins from Treasury to discuss the Hinkler Deal. The Fraser Coast and Bundaberg Local Government Areas would benefit significantly from the kind of investment the Hinkler Deal would bring.

7 August 2019, meeting with Cr Matthew Bourke: I meet regularly with Cr Bourke to discuss Brisbane City Council planning matters.

8 August 2019, Industry Leaders Research Group Staff Briefing: Along with our Director of Research and Marketing, Leonne FitzGerald, I presented the first round of findings for 2019 to the staff of our Industry Leaders. This round drilled further into community perceptions of Performance Based Planning.

9 August 2019, meeting with Brendan Coates of the Grattan Institute: I met with Brendan Coates, the Program Director, Household Finances for the Grattan Institute. It was so valuable to discuss the work of our Research Foundation and to understand some of the research the Grattan Institute is undertaking in the world of housing affordability.

15 August 2019, meeting with Richard Ferrett, Brisbane City Council: I met with Mr Ferrett, of the Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Office. I meet regularly with Mr Ferrett to discuss how we can work together with council to create a better Brisbane.

16 August 2019, meeting with Toowoomba Branch Committee: I had an opportunity to catch-up with the Toowoomba Branch Committee for a coffee and a chat about the issues that are impacting our Toowoomba members.

21 August 2019, meeting with Jason Camden, EDQ: I meet regularly with Jason Camden to discuss the ways that our industry can work with Economic Development Queensland to create wonderful communities for Queenslanders.

21 August 2019, meeting with various stakeholders: I met with a number of stakeholders to discuss some issues facing developers with landholdings within the Ripley Valley Priority Development Area. Attendees included representatives from Queensland Urban Utilities, Ipswich City Council, Economic Development Queensland as well as landholders, consultants and Ipswich Branch President Sam Burgess. It was heartening to see so many key representatives committed to overcoming the impediments our members are facing in Ripley.

21 August 2019, meeting with Sam Burgess, Village Building Co: I caught up with Sam Burgess from Village Building Co for a coffee to get a better understanding of some of the challenges our industry is facing. Sam is also the Ipswich Branch President and it was great to hear directly from Sam about the landscape of developing in that region.

22 August 2019, meeting to discuss City Deals: I attended a meeting held jointly with The Hon. Alan Tudge MP (Minister for Population, Cities and Urban Infrastructure), The Hon Jackie Trad (Deputy Premier) and Redlands City Council Mayor Karen Williams (attending as a representative of COMSEQ). The purpose of the meeting was to discuss a long-term vision for South East Queensland as part of the development of the City Deal. Of course, I also took the opportunity to raise the importance of ensuring a similar deal is agreed to for Hinkler directly with Federal Government representatives!

27 August 2019, meeting with Michael Berkman: Mr Berkman is the Member for Maiwar. I met with Mr Berkman to discuss the work of the Institute as well as some of the findings of the Research Foundation.

28 August 2019, meeting with member: I met with member organisation McCullough Robertson. Our legal partners are such an important part of our industry and I really appreciated the opportunity to hear about the changing legislative landscape.