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CEO's Diary - April 2019

2 April 2019, Meeting with Mackay Mayor, Cr Gregory Williamson I had the opportunity to meet with Cr Williamson when he was in Brisbane. The meeting was a valuable opportunity to understand the unique challenges and opportunities Mackay faces as the region enters a period of growth.

3 April 2019, ILRG Round 1 Scoping Session The Industry Leaders Research Group (ILRG) will delve further into community perceptions of performance based planning this year. The Scoping Session was an opportunity to meeting with members of the ILRG to better understand the community’s perspective of this important aspect of the Queensland planning regime.

4 April 2019, Meeting with Dyan Currie of Brisbane City Council, I regularly meet with Dyan to discuss the changing planning landscape in Brisbane as well as feedback received from members.

4 April 2019, Meeting with Andrew Powell (Shadow Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning) and David Crisafulli (Shadow Minister for Environment, Science and the Great Barrier Reef, Shadow Minister for Tourism) I met with Mr Powell and Mr Crisafulli to discuss approaches to koala conservation in Queensland.

8 April 2019, Meeting with Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning (DSDMIP) I met with representatives of DSDMIP to obtain an update on the Growth Monitoring Program.

10 April 2019, Meeting with Brookfield, I met with Lee Butterworth from Brookfield to understand some of the challenges he is facing within the SEQ planning landscape.

11 April 2019, Site Visits, I travelled to St Lucia and Wynnum to meet with members and tour their sites. Our members are creating some truly innovative product. It leaves me so energised to see the tangible impact our industry has on the lives of Queenslanders.

17 April 2019, meeting with future member, I had the opportunity to meet with a future Institute member from the Moreton region. Any opportunity to glean an on the ground perspective from the industry is extremely valuable.

17 April 2019, meeting with Queensland Urban Utilities, I met with representatives from QUU. The utilities play such an important role in literally laying the groundwork for the communities our industry creates. I appreciate the chance to meet with QUU to discuss feedback from our members.

18 April 2019, meeting with Kerry Doss, Deputy Director General of DSDMIP, I meet regularly with Mr Doss to discuss the issues faced by our members across the state.

30 April 2019, Koala Advisory Council, The Advisory Council was formed to provide advice on the development and implementation of a new koala conservation strategy in Queensland. I am privileged to represent the development industry on the council and look forward to working together with other council members to achieve the best possible outcome.

1 May 2019, Meeting with Richard Ferrett of the Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Office, I met with Mr Ferrett to discuss how we can work together with council to create a better Brisbane.

2 May 2019, Meeting with Bio-Security Queensland, I met with Bio-Security Queensland to discusses some of the challenges faced by the industry as we band together to help stop the spread of fire ants through South East Queensland.

3 May 2019, Meeting with Hannah Jackson (Office of the Minister for Environment, and the Great Barrier Reef, Minister for Science and Minister for the Arts) I will be meeting with Ms Jackson to discuss the government’s strategy for koala conservation in Queensland.