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Brisbane releases inclusive plan

Brisbane City Council just released “A City for Everyone: Draft Inclusive Brisbane Plan 2019-2029” and is seeking feedback from communities and developers from now until the 15 February 2019. The plan seeks that the city embraces all ages, abilities and cultures.

The Plan explores five key themes with Brisbane City Council making suggestions about how it might proceed with its continuing goal of improving accessibility and inclusivity in our city.

Some aspects that may affect members include:

  • A dedicated employee to support development applications for housing that meets the needs of people participating in the NDIS.
  • Required walkways and cycling paths, accessible parking bays and safe set-down areas
  • Good neighbourhood planning for inclusivity
  • Inclusive work environments and business premises for differing abilities, ages and for tourists
  • Accessible park facilities
  • More developments to cater for people requiring higher-level access
  • Delivery of community facilities and change facilities in developments
  • A possible award for planning, designing and building accessible and inclusive facilities, housing and public spaces
  • And responding to the more than 200 languages now spoken in our homes.

Comments can be made via the methods listed here. If you have any comments that you think should be included in an Institute submission, please contact Policy Manager Martin Zaltron via