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Breakfast with Greg Chemello

The Ipswich Branch hosted Ipswich City Council Interim Administrator, Greg Chemello, to outline his mandate from the State Government for the Ipswich region and how this would impact the development industry as part of the UDIA’s ‘Spotlight On’ series.

Greg explored the findings and implications of the Crime and Corruption Commission into council which identified a lack of oversight, financial accountability and transparency. Furthermore, unsound practices were also identified as significantly impacting the efficient operation of the council.

The vision for Ipswich City Council under Greg and new CEO David Famer’s leadership into 2020 will be to ensure that Ipswich City Council is regarded as an exemplar council with leading policies, procedures and governance measures in place.

The Development Assessment framework is also being reviewed with an aim to increase transparency and efficiency during the decision-making process. Furthermore, when Councillors are reinstalled at the next election, their involvement in DA’s will be reviewed.

Greg also outlined the key outcomes sought for the new Ipswich Planning Scheme. The Planning Scheme is expected to be released in two stages; firstly, a draft strategic framework to be released in April 2019, and secondly, providing other components of the planning scheme for the State Government to review.

The Breakfast was also an opportunity for industry members to meet the new Ipswich City Council CEO, David Farmer.

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