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Big win for members

A major step toward addressing community concern over the impact of development should soon emerge as a result of strong UDIA Queensland advocacy. In direct response to the Institute’s last pre-election policy submission, the Queensland Government is now proposing changes to highlight that developers pay councils infrastructure charges known to the community. This will be a key step in providing the community with a more transparent and well-rounded view of the impacts and benefits of development.

Institute CEO Kirsty Chessher-Brown says this initiative has the potential to significantly change the conversation developers have with communities.

“Many members report that community unease about the local impacts of development is the number one issue facing their business,” Kirsty said.

“However, with exclusive UDIA Queensland research revealing that the community is almost wholly unaware that developers even pay infrastructure charges, the community debate about development has been lopsided,” she said.

“Furthermore, new evidence coming out of our Research Foundation says that just this simple piece of information can really put things into perspective for neighbourhoods. It can change the whole conversation about development.

“That’s why we have been persistently advocating to the Queensland Government to change the regulations to make developer’s infrastructure charges payments to council more transparent.

“It’s better for developers and better for the community.”

Amendments are proposed to the regulation to improve the accessibility and transparency of the infrastructure charges with additional public availability of Infrastructure Charges Notices (ICNs), charges register and annual reporting.

Changes by July 2019 will:

  • Require an online charges register
  • Identify the local infrastructure items that the levied infrastructure charge contributes towards
  • Provide annual reporting on:
    • LGIP revenue (based on infrastructure charges) and capital expenditure forecasts
    • actual infrastructure charges revenue and expenditure
  • Require local governments to publish ICNs on their website and make them available for inspection and purchase
  • Establish 2017-2018 as the financial base year and providing for future indexation of the charge.

Amendments are proposed to the Planning Regulation 2017 (Planning Regulation), to provide the phased commencement of the new infrastructure charging requirements relating to infrastructure charges registers, infrastructure charges notices and the prescribed amount of infrastructure charges.


The new register requirements would only apply to infrastructure planning and charges created after commencement of the provision. Further information on the charges is available here or department regional offices.

A series of information sessions regarding the changes will be held in early 2019, we will provide further information on these when available. Comments or queries can also be made to Policy Manager Martin Zaltron via