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Storm water quality over quantity

City of Gold Coast (council) has proposed an amendment to the Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) with a Stormwater Quality Network to remove pollutants including oils, sediment, nutrients and pathogens from stormwater runoff, to reduce these reaching the region’s waterways.

The Gold Coast and Logan Branch have reviewed the changes and has provided a submission to council with concern on the following points:

  • Omission of the stormwater quantity network from this amendment
  • The misalignment of council long term plans and this LGIP in relation to the growth and demand assumptions
  • Lack of trunk stormwater quality infrastructure items, in the region’s key growth areas
  • Lack of criteria for trunk infrastructure versus non-trunk infrastructure
  • Omission of the stormwater network from the LGIP without lower infrastructure charges as result.

The inclusion within the LGIP of the quality network will mean that stormwater trunk quality infrastructure items will be listed within the LGIP for the region.

To view the branches submission please follow this link here. If you have any comments to include in the branches comments, please contact Robert Tily – Policy Executive on