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Verge Parking Forum

Sunshine Coast Regional Council has promised further investigations on the verge parking issues after a forum earlier this week.

Branch committee member Graeme Bews presented our views at the forum, which built on an earlier branch submission on the issue. His participation on the branch’s behalf in this topical debate is much appreciated.

Graeme said it was clear from discussions at the forum that the issue of verge parking is fairly complex as there was a range of views expressed about the issue and how best to deal with it in the best interests of the community.

“Equally, the solution to address verge parking for future development may not simply be a matter of a mandatory widening of road reserves.

“As I presented yesterday, the downside to such an approach is that the extra road pavement will add significantly to the cost of development and work against housing affordability for the coast.

“We also need a quality public transport system on the coast if we are to reduce reliance on private vehicles and help take the pressure off the streets for parking. It was pleasing to see some other attendees also raising concerns about the unsustainability of widening road reserves as a solution to verge parking.

“As I mentioned at yesterday’s presentation, the Institute’s Sunshine Coast Branch looks forward to liaising further with Council to ensure we are striking the right balance in terms of providing sufficient carparking for our communities and creating affordable sustainable development outcomes.” 

Mayor Jamieson said it was clear from discussions “that the verge is an important access point for a range of stakeholders – utility providers, emergency services, builders and tradespeople, local residents and their visitors and many others.”